Welcome to the Whitecap Development Corporation

The Whitecap Development Corporation is pursuing its vision of creating a healthy, diversified economy for its sole shareholder the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. Our development plans incorporate effective use of our resources while respecting the Dakota culture and protecting the environment.

We achieve success by developing partnerships and a spirit of alliance with our partners and the communities, businesses, and governments in our region. In order to be successful, you need to have vision and then you have to make that vision a reality. Our vision is to deliver sustainable revenues and employment opportunities to support the advancement of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. We make it happen through creative thinking, sound research and strategic planning.

We invite you to read about our partnerships and our investments. Our current focus is in marketing the services available through our Whitecap Industrial Services Division and continuing to develop our resort concept in our Dakota Resort Division.



Our Whitecap Industrial Services Division is focused on bringing the service capabilities of our partners to the industrial, resource, infrastructure, and utilities sectors in Saskatchewan.
We are committed to bringing employment and education opportunities to our members and all First Nations people.

Our Dakota Resort Division is focused on building on our successes as we continue to develop the Dakota Dunes Resort concept and the Dakota Dunes brand. Our partnerships have resulted in hundreds of jobs created at Whitecap and millions of dollars in capital investment.